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Anyway, everyone fixed their attention onto Amano.

Amano glared back at Hoshinomori… then sighed in resignation and scratched his head. After that, he answered in an unexpectedly relaxed manner:

“To be honest, I think either way is fine.”

His opinion was too casual, it would be too much to compare that with Tendo’s masterful comment.

Hoshinomori bashed him on this point:

"W-What is this. Keita… Y-You don’t care about the games I am making…?"

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“Oh right, that too.”

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“W-Why you…”

Sparks flew between them again. Tendo muttered to me: “They seem to be on great terms instead…” Yup, I felt the same, they were like a loving married couple who just happened to be fighting.

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After Hoshinomori gave Amano a piece of her mind, he continued:

“But, even if it isn’t you, I think it would be fine too. To me, it doesn’t matter whether the creator wants his work to be popular or not. The important thing is how fun the product is.”

“With the way you put it, it’s as good as not saying anything…”