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Qiao Liang paused. He had an impression of this UP Master.

He was an exchange student from overseas. He spoke shabby Mandarin, but his videos were quite good. He was also quite popular on Aili Island.

He clicked the user’s display picture and verified that it was him.

Qiao Liang was elated. He quickly replied, “Of course!”

Qiao Liang knew about Link Live. It was a new livestream platform started by a certain popular chat software.

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In China, they had ZZ Live-Stream, which was also a relatively new livestream platform.

However, Link Live was started much earlier overseas. There were more functions, and it was more user-friendly. Naturally, it was also more popular than the local ZZ Live-Stream.

If this foreigner could live-stream Repent and be Saved on Link Live, wouldn’t he be glorifying traditional Chinese culture?

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What’s more, if Qiao Liang became friends with this UP Master, they might be able to collaborate in the future. Wouldn’t that be a win-win situation?

Thus, Qiao Liang immediately agreed to the UP Master’s request. He also specifically mentioned that if Hao Shuaiqi met with any problems while playing the game, he could ask Qiao Liang for help. Qiao Liang promised to help him seriously.

After all, Repent and be Saved was a complicated game. There were also many secondary plots and riddles which made use of traditional Mandarin. Given the foreign UP Master’s shabby Mandarin, Qiao Liang was certain that he would be confused.

Both of them chatted for a little while more and built a pleasant relationship. They officially became friends and agreed to discuss their experience in the game regularly.

Hao Shuaiqi also expressed interest in recording his Link Live livestreams and uploading them on Aili Island. He hoped that Teacher Qiao would share his videos when the time came.

October 8th, Friday…