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Ishizaki and Keisei, both of their own volition, extended their hands and exchanged a light handshake.

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"No matter what the outcome is, let's do our best".

"I'll be counting on you".

The others are also complimenting each other and exchanging handshakes. Afterwards, we headed to the classroom our group was assigned to. There's nothing to criticize as far as our unity goes too. Our biggest concern right now is how Kouenji will act.

He's currently calmly following us. But there's no telling when we'll lose control of him.

The 2nd and 3rd years from our group are already here and so we panickedly took our seats. After that, the bell rang and a teacher came in simultaneously to begin explaining the contents of the exam to us.

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Even though we're a large group made up of all school years, the exam itself will be held based on the small groups or our school year.

At best, the large groups will only contribute to our overall ranking. No matter how spacious the outdoor school may be, if we're all doing the same thing simultaneously then it won't be enough.

As expected, there are four topics covered by the exam and nothing out of the blue.

'Zen'. 'Speech'. 'Long-distance relay'. 'Written exam'. These are the four assessments that will be held. We 1st years will start with Zazen. And then we'll move onto the written exam. Then the long-distance relay and finally we'll be giving our speeches.

On the contrary, the 2nd years have a harder start by having the long-distance relay come first. The 3rd years seem to be starting with their speeches.

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After breakfast, we headed over to the Zazen dojo. We are exempt from cleaning this morning since the exam will be starting right off the bat. All the 1st year boys are gathered here.

"Now then, let's start the Zazen assessment. Scoring is based on two criteria. Your actions and manners after entering this dojo and any semblance of unrest during Zazen itself. After Zazen, stand by in your assigned classrooms until you are given instructions for the next assessment. I'll call each student out by name and we'll go in that order. Line up and we'll start the assessment in that order. I'll start now. Class A, Katsuragi Kouhei. Class D, Ishizaki Daichi---".