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Li Yada had the least presence among all of Tengda’s previous chief planners. Very few people outside of the company knew her. In fact, not many people in the other departments even knew her.

Tengda was developing too quickly after all. After Li Yada ‘abdicated’, Tengda Corporation expanded rapidly and recruited a large number of new people.

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He did not have to worry about revealing the relationship between Dawn Games and Tengda.

No matter how he thought about it, it did not seem unacceptable.

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Of course, there was a prerequisite for everything: Little Tang had to decide on the gaming platform.

Pei Qian nodded in the end. “Alright, but I have a request: You cannot ask Li Yada every single thing. She is only going to help you out. In a month or two, when the games platform is on the right track and you can officially take over, she will come back.”

Tang Yishu nodded lightly. “Alright, Senior.”

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She thought about going for a month or two to see how things were going. If she really could not do this job, she would think about it.

Ten minutes later, Tang Yishu came upstairs and called Li Yada into the conference room.

Then, he told her about the newly established company and the establishment of the morning sun gaming platform.

Li Yada adjusted her thick spectacles, looking shocked.

“If you want to create a gaming platform, you have to completely separate yourself from Tengda?”

Putting aside the fact that Little Tang was the person-in-charge and had been named to help, just the gaming platform itself made Li Yada feel that it was ridiculous.

In her opinion, it was only natural for Tengda to want to create a gaming platform.