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My hand slipped, my hand slipped! Do you understand that?!

This expression held no such meaning. I purely wanted to end the conversation!

Tomorrow is Beautiful has entered the Cannes Film Festival???

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Pei Qian suddenly realized that things were not as simple as he thought they were. He did a quick search on the internet for the timing and found that the final award would be announced in the wee hours of the morning.

Pei Qian: “...”

Pei Qian silently placed his cell phone at his bedside after keeping silent for some time.

“I’ll definitely not watch it! Anyway, the results are unavoidable no matter whether I watch it or not so I rather not watch it at all. Anyway, the best news would be no news when I wake up tomorrow morning!”

Pei Qian checked his alarm again before throwing his cell phone beside his bed and covered his head with his quilt.

At the Cannes Film Festival...

Huang Sibo, Zhu Xiaoce, Zhang Zuting, Lu Zhiyao, Lin Ruyi... the main cast and crew of Tomorrow is Beautiful sat in a row below the stage. Huang Sibo was dressed formally in a bow tie. He had a confident smile on his face though it was a pity that he could understand neither English nor French spoken at the event. He realized that Level Four in English was really useless in such an event.

“Xiao Lin, would they be speaking in English or French when the rewards are presented later? We won’t miss it, right?” Huang Sibo asked quietly.

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Lin Ruyi glanced at him. “Brother Huang, what are you thinking about, eh? It’s good enough for us to be able to walk this red carpet and show our faces. Are you really expecting to win the award?”

Huang Sibo expressed his dissatisfaction. “Why? Do you think Boss Pei’s script is not good enough, or do you think the acting skills of Movie King Lu are not up to standard?

“Moreover, during the previous screening, the audience was very enthusiastic. Everyone applauded enthusiastically as well. I observed that only about twenty to thirty people left; the rest watched the whole movie. Why would it not get us a prize?”