What kind of game software is available online

What kind of game software is available online

“It seems Class B made it through the exam without losing anyone.”

[Yup. Kanzaki-kun volunteered himself to be the one everyone voted against. Once we did, it was announced that he’d be expelled once the results came back. After that, I paid the full twenty million points and negated his expulsion. There were some difficulties, but everyone in Class B managed to get through the exam safely.]

“Is that so? The price you paid wasn’t exactly cheap.”

Although it was only for the time being, Class B was now poorer than Class D.

Points would be redistributed again in April, but daily life was going to be quite tough for them until then.

Additionally, once the second year begins, having private points readily available might be important.

Though, there was no need to look into that at this point in time.

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[We’ve lost our private points, but we can always make them back again. But, if we had lost even a single person, there would’ve been no way to get them back.]

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Ichinose spoke without any indecision in her voice. It seemed as though I had said something unnecessary.

It was clear that she had set her mind on graduating together with every single one of her precious classmates.

[Ryūen-kun might not be satisfied with this, though. It seems that Manabe-san ended up being expelled in his place.]

I decided not to mention that I had just seen Ryūen a few moments ago and simply ignored the first part of what she had said.

“Were you close with Manabe, Ichinose?”

[Not exactly. We’ve only ever spoken once or twice, I guess. It still feels kinda lonesome though. Class A’s Totsuka-kun and Class C’s Yamauchi-kun are also gone…]

She probably hadn’t been able to make sense of it all yet.