How to make money in junior high school students online

How to make money in junior high school students online

He suddenly had an inspiration while in the taxi. He couldn’t help but want to write, and so he took out his notebook from his bag and opened a new document.

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Insert title: The Butterfly Game.

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He had been gathering materials with the

Tengda Living fossil’ Bao Xu for the past few days before the holiday. He got to know some pretty interesting facts about Tengda when it was founded.

These were things he could write into his book.

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He quickly wrote the first line, breathing life into the story.

“Um, I can write a few versions of this opening for the next three days to see which the best is before I modify it a bit.”

“This way, I’ll be able to publish the novel on the first day of Chinese New Year as my New Year greetings to everyone!”

Cui Geng’s eyes sparkled as if there was a kind of cheering-a kind of calling from the soul.

At Tengda Games...

Li Yada called the three newcomers of the gaming department over to arrange their tasks beforehand. They were Hu Xianbin, Min Jingchao, and Zhang Nan. They were the three who passed the Tengda Spirit compatibility test on their first try.

Boss Pei might not have rewarded these three, but Li Yada felt that they must have something different from the others since they could pass the Tengda Spirit compatibility test in one sitting. Talents identified by Boss Pei naturally should be given important tasks!

“I’m going on vacation in March. The gaming department would be left in your charge then.”

“Xianbin, I feel that you have the best comprehension. I’ll bring you to familiarize yourself with the workflow after the new year and then with the work of a chief planner. The progress of work will be pushed by you in the future.”

“Jingchao, you have experience in the finance department and have a good foundation in mathematics. Get some guidance from Brother Bao on GOG’s system design problem. You shall be responsible for the balance of system design.”