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The DGE club and Deposit Fitness would always be stable as long as everyone could understand this point!

The more Pei Qian thought about, the more perfect this plan was. He replied immediately, “Okay, come back! I’m booking a room for us in the nameless restaurant to welcome the team home!”

July 20th, Wednesday...

DGE E-Sports Club...

The team members dragged their suitcases and returned to their own rooms.

“Ah, finally home!”

“The scenery here is still much better.”

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“I haven’t been working out these few days. I feel fat coming out on me; shall we go to the gym after dinner?”

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“Hehe, don’t crack the wise. I have to undergo additional training until next month...”

There was only one word to describe the feeling Huang Wang had after he lied on his own bed: comfy!

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If he were to use one word to summarize their experience outside for two weeks, it would be ‘disappointment’!

Everyone was excited at the start of the journey. They would not need to gym and become as tired as a dog when outside.