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Yet, they were now supposed to let Boss Ma play the center?

Not only would they miss many hits at the start of the game, but they could even be crippled in the later part of it.

What’s more, Boss Ma was so horrid at the game that any slip up could lead to him being killed. Wouldn’t it be too difficult to try and guarantee a positive result for him?

All would still be well if Boss Ma didn’t die too much, but if he did, then they would have to find a way to give Boss Ma more kills.

However, a player like Boss Ma might not even be able to successfully kill an opponent despite how hard the rest of the team tried to assist him!

Zhang Yuan’s expression darkened. “What do we mean by balancing the skills? The possibility of either side losing means that the skills are balanced! How else would you be able to train? We’re not here to have fun! If the game isn’t difficult, we have to create hurdles for ourselves!

“Stop trying to bargain with me. Not a single one out of ten of you should even think about running away. Suck it up and get up there. Whoever fails the mission... Coach Yaling, remember him and give him extra training when we get back!”

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At once, all the members’ grins disappeared. Now, they looked like they were facing a formidable enemy.

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They had still been chatting and laughing earlier, thinking that they would easily be able to win even with four against five. However, now they realized that they had been too optimistic!

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Huang Wang immediately stopped his three other teammates. “We have to quickly discuss our strategy.” From the other side, Team Leader Su saw the entire series of events and became very confused.

What? Has Coach Ma gone to warm up?

Judging from how professional Coach Ma was and how he could become the special tactical coach of such a strong team, Team Leader Su guessed that he was at least a Grand Master.

Would they still try their best, seeing how strong the opposite side was?