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“Hmm? What is it? Hey, no need to be polite, just ask me, dude. I will never hide anything from you!”

“Yeah? Then I’ll really ask you…”

During this time, Keita’s still focused on the game screen. Yet, he used his left index finger to point at the corner of the room. Then, he asked casually.

“What’s that over there? It looks like a bra…”

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I slowly looked over there with a pale face. There’s indeed a bra at the corner of the room. …I should say that sports bra of mine is casually thrown onto the ground. I picked it because I value comfort over beauty.

(WWHHHHHAAAATTT! HOW! Did it fall out from the laundry basket!? Nothing like this has happened before! W-Why did it happen today…!?)

I’m falling into a mess of embarrassment and all kinds of emotions. Even so, I scrambled my brain for an excuse.

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“Uh, well, …while that…thing looks like a bra, it’s actually a kneepad-“

“It ain’t true!”


The sudden and violent Kansai-ben freaked me out. After I took a look, I realized that it’s the audio from the game.

Keita remained focused on the game. At the same time, he glanced at me before laughing out loud.