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Boss Pei said that Bunny Tail Live-Stream was different from other live-stream platforms immediately after that. It would not form direct competitiveness. Some live-stream platforms believed him and did not bother; some live-stream platforms did not believe him but their attention was also focused on the video replay function of Bunny Tail Live-Stream. They invested a lot of manpower to develop similar functions, but the actual effect was not ideal. The audience’s reaction was average.

Who would have thought that Boss Pei’s words were just a smokescreen? He turned around and bought the exclusive broadcasting rights of the ICL league while various live-stream platforms were arguing with Long Yu Corporation!

These exclusive broadcasting rights had captured all of the IOI players in the country. It had allowed Bunny Tail to live-stream outside of knowledge-based live-streams and had new unique content.

Right on the heels of that, he bought fake reviewers to publicize his real data, expose other live-stream platforms’ data falsification, live-stream GPL on his own platform, and develop a small program to specially assist in watching competitions...

The number of people watching the competition live-streaming at Bunny Tail alone was close to 500,000!

There would naturally be live-streamers who did what they loved without looking forward to gaining anything in return when there were more viewers. The entire Bunny Tail live-stream gradually became prosperous!

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One had to know that it had only been two weeks since Bunny Tail’s live-stream was officially released.

Boss Pei had earned a large number of viewers for Bunny Tail Live-Stream through a series of methods in such a short period of time. He had also made the brand of Bunny Tail Live-Stream stand out from the other live-stream platforms.

What’s more, he did not pay much apart from the exclusive broadcasting rights fee!

Zhu Yan had never heard of such a method before. Even though he was considered a senior in the live-stream circle, Boss Pei’s combo punch still made him dizzy.

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Wolf Fang’s live-stream was obviously the most affected among the many live-streaming platforms.

That was because Wolf Fang Live-Stream mainly focused on gaming live-streams. There were only a few of the most popular games in the country now. GOG was definitely considered a big brother. IOI’s market share was not good, but it was still considered a popular game due to FV’s championship and its influence in the world.

However, the exclusive broadcasting rights of the ICL league had been taken away by Bunny Tail Live-Stream. The GPL’s broadcasting rights might still be there, but the users were severely divided because of the small program of Bunny Tail Live-Stream.

The viewers watching the GPL live-stream on Wolf Fang had been showing a trend of decline from the data platform. Obviously, many people had been snatched away by Bunny Tail Live-stream.

How could Wolf Fang live-stream gain popularity without these two pillars? Could they rely on standalone games or veteran games that were no longer as popular as before?

It was completely unreliable!

Zhu Yan could feel an impending crisis, especially with the ICL league becoming more and more popular. He could not sit still anymore.

The actual number of people watching the ICL league on Bunny Tail live-stream was only a quarter of the GPL league, this was ultimately a market with limitless prospects.

It meant that the ICL league must be worth so much money since Boss Pei had spent so much money on the exclusive broadcasting rights.