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"Uwah, Erm… Erm… Thank you..."

Chiaki answered bashfully. Aguri-san was obviously shaken as she started trembling. Eh, wait, t-this situation…

I wanted to warn Uehara-kun, but seeing a scene of jealousy for the first time made me panic and I couldn’t find the words to say.

As I was still mulling over it── Uehara-kun said the critical words with his best handsome guy smile.

"Oh right. Hoshinomori, your hairstyle is fine now, but judging from your hair texture, I think cutting it a bit shorter would suit you much more. After all── you are already cuter than others just the way you are!"

I could see a spray of shotgun pellets flying in all sorts of direction.

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One of them was a bullet of love that pierced Chiaki’s heart.

Another was a terrifying bullet that made me more anxious.

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The last one was…

Ah! Aguri-san is going somewhere with unsteady steps──!

The last one was a bullet of sadness that opened a serious wound in Aguri-san’s chest!

I checked Uehara-kun’s face immediately. He had a brilliant smile, without any hint of ulterior motives. That was only natural, he wasn’t planning anything nefarious.