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Pei Qian started keeping his stuff after returning to his place. He used to keep everything that might give his identity away when he went home previously. He would wear a set of seemingly cheap clothes home,

However, Pei Qian deliberately chose some newer clothes. He also changed his cell phone and computer. He should give his parents a bit of hint now.

The house he bought could be handed over by the end of February, early March. That was pretty soon.

His parents might not be able to take it all at once if he told them that he bought a house. There would definitely be a lot of questions. He would give them some hints beforehand, that their son ‘was earning money and was making quite a bit’ during Chinese New Year.

Pei Qian had thought of a good reason beforehand. He would say that Fei Huang Workspace was doing rather well recently; he was also now part of the management at Fei Huang Workspace. His monthly income from various sources had reached about 15,000 yuan.

The first deposit for the house had been paid up with his bonuses as well. Even though he still needed to pay every month, it was not going to be a big burden. That could not be said that it was a lie. Pei Qian only told a half-truth.

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The developments at Fei Huang Workspace were pretty good. That was not wrong, right?

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Pei Qian was now part of the management of Fei Huang Workspace; that was not wrong as well, right?

Monthly 15,000 yuan on average was not a big problem as well. It was even under-declared.

No matter what, he would do his best not to be too high profile when he told them about the financial resources for the house. He hoped to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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At the same time...

The study class at Zhongdian Chinese Network in Jingzhou started their holiday as well. The class officially started on January 17th for a month so it would end on February 17th.

However, the holiday for the Chinese New Year could not be missed.

The network would choose its second set of authors after February 17th. The two classes would be conducted seamlessly. That was because the class was just a trial phase. It had yet to be fully confirmed.