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April 11th, Wednesday...

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Meng Chang slept soundly at his residence yesterday in order to avoid being interviewed. He did not pick up any calls or send any messages in the department’s group chat for the entire day, afraid that he would be caught if he accidentally revealed himself.

The good thing was that his colleagues in the advertising and marketing department were very cooperative and did not take the initiative to look for him.

Meng Chang felt that there shouldn’t be any major problems after hanging around for a day.

He had specially asked that this was not a very important interview. The standard was not high.

It must be a total if the interviewee was Boss Pei. It was possible for him to be interviewed for three to five full days. However, Meng Chang was only the person-in-charge of the marketing department after all. He did not have such a reputation.

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Since the standard was not high, it would be done in a day. There should be no danger then.

However, to be safe, Meng Chang continued to stay there until the afternoon before going to work.

When he arrived at the marketing department, his colleagues were all working hard to implement Meng Chang’s marketing plan. Everything seemed to be normal.

Meng Chang was like a student who had just skipped class but was lucky not to be caught. He came to his desk and sat down. He asked Yu Yao, who was sitting opposite him as he switched on his computer. “Have you finished the interview?”

Yu Yao nodded. “Yes, the interview is over!”

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“The interview duration for the entire process was very short. It was only three hours, and three or four people were interviewed. The entire process was scripted, and there was very little video information.”

Meng Chang felt more at ease.

If it was just a script, nothing would go wrong.

However, to be safe, he still had to ask a few more questions. “What’s the theme of the interview?”

Yu Yao said, “Actually, it’s nothing much. I just want to understand your working experience in Tengda, Brother Meng.”