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“In the beginning and ending of the poor version, the protagonist’s father worked hard to keep the protagonist from becoming a homeless person so the protagonist is grateful to his father; the protagonist struggles for the rest of his life and deceives his son to continue his fight, all so that both him and his children would not become homeless.

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“Like my previous analogy, in this game, not only the poor would struggle in the quagmire. The homeless are completely swallowed up at the bottom of the quagmire.

“The poor had been telling us from the beginning that these people at the bottom of the quagmire are dropouts from sh*thole high schools, prisoners in the prison, beggars, and mentally ill people in the subways. A tramp who can only live on the streets for a lifetime.

“Once the poor give up, they will become homeless so they have to struggle in the quagmire. You might not be able to climb up if you struggle, but you will definitely sink if you don’t.

“The faster you give up, the faster you sink.

“Therefore, why did the protagonist say that to his child? Didn’t he know that he was deceived by his father’s lie all his life?

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“Perhaps, he has this mentality of chance that his child will be different; maybe he just had to tell this lie.

“Because if he were to tell the child that there was no use in struggling, then his child would also sink deeper down and become a member of the homeless. The protagonist knew exactly how tragic that life would be.

“Therefore, the poor protagonist had no choice but to tell his child to struggle. If you look at the results, such a fight was meaningless because you will not be able to better yourself; but you know that it is meaningful if you were to look at the bottom of the quagmire as it would keep you from sinking at the very least.

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“As for the rich?

“The rich protagonist almost died when he was born, but he still did not believe what his father said. He knew poor friends. He worked hard to write a book to help the poor change their destiny.

“But he did not realize that it was not the poor who kidnapped his mother but the homeless. It was not the poor that killed him, it was the homeless. He could make friends with the poor in college, but he would not take another look at the beggars in the subway.

“Therefore, he thinks that the rich and poor can become friends; that is correct. However, he did not realize or understand that the two different classes were actually the rich and the homeless. The poor only managed to pop out of the quagmire; they were the ones that he could see. However, he could not see more people rotting under the quagmire—being so high above.”