Online welfare lottery recharge is true

Online welfare lottery recharge is true

We walked on the snow path as we searched for the next topic excitedly. Suddenly, Chiaki started chuckling next to me. She started explaining after seeing my confusion.

“How should I say this? …Come to think of it, we don’t really get into an argument anymore.”

“Oh, it’s true when you said it.”

Even though it’s not zero, we yelled at each other way less frequently.

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I looked at the station that finally appeared in front of us as I continued.

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“It’s because we’re different than when I just met you. Both of us know the things we can’t back down on, right.”

“Yes, recently, we’re just normally close gaming partners.”

“No, you’re wrong.”

“It’s not normal. We’re a pair of very close gaming partners.”

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I smiled and said that. Chiaki blushed really hard and plopped her head down. “Y-Yes…”


…Ah, eh, what’s with this embarrassing atmosphere? I just corrected her based on facts. …U-Uh, did I say something wrong?


We strolled on the path silently. That excitement when we’re talking about games flew away.

So, after an unknown amount of time-

Chiaki suddenly started chuckling again.

She carried a…timid expression that doesn’t look like a gaming partner at all. The girl mumbled to herself.

“Well, …what’s the next level for a pair of very close gaming partners?”