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“That’s enough, José. So…… let’s stop now. We lost this time, but… we’ll keep putting in the effort, and someday…”

“Hah~, hah~… uhp… effort?”

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“Yes, we’ll support you too… so――――”

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Sh*t No. 1 snuggled up to José and called out in support of the man who was hurt both physically and mentally, but who was still their stronghold.

But when José heard those words…

“Shut up! You guys don’t understand! I’m the strongest invincible unrivaled cheat great sage! What do you know about me! Don’t say anything selfish even if you don’t know me!”

“Kyah!? …… tsu…… eh?”

“Hah~, hah~, annoying.”

“Jo… José?”

There was a sharp, dry sound. It was the sound of José shaking off the woman who was leaning on him and his hand hitting her cheek.


“Hey… José!”

“Sen… ior?”

The other women’s faces turned pale at the sight, and they cried as they rushed to the beaten woman, their whole bodies trembling.

“Hey hey, this is…”

“A woman’s face… this fellow!”

“I can’t stand this kid anymore!”

“Besides being a loser, you’re also unmanly!”