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However, even so, …I still think I should make a conclusion. So, I mustered my final courage and raised my head before continuing bravely.

“That’s the end of my apology. …Well, everyone, if there’s something you want to say-“

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-Suddenly, everyone except Aguri-san slammed the table. After that, three people stood up abruptly under the sunset-filled classroom.

The unexpected reaction made me stand up as well. H-Hiya, honestly, I’m already mentally prepared to be punched by Uehara-kun. I just didn’t expect that the three of them would beat me up together.


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I really want to back up. However…

(N-No, even though this attack power is beyond my imagination, I have to take it since I'm wrong here.)

I spurred my cowardly heart and decided to take everyone’s rage at once. I bulged my eyes at the three of them.


Only the noise of me gulping can be heard in the eerily silent classroom.

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After that, Uehara-kun stood in front of me. He lowered his head…as he slowly put his hands on my shoulders.


Facing the expectation that I’m finally getting punched, even though I tried to keep my eyes bulged, my body froze right there.

Then, finally, everyone and Uehara-kun slowly raised their head-