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Even if news about this restaurant spread so that a few ballers were drawn to this restaurant, it would not matter. As long as he could keep the number of customers low, Ming Yun Private Kitchen would still incur losses. Of course, Pei Qian had not forgotten that Ming Yun Private Kitchen’s primary aims were to spend as much money as possible and satisfy the employees’ meals.

Thus, Pei Qian made reservations for future gatherings way in advance.

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According to the System’s current rules, they were allowed one team-building gathering every two months or so. The frequency and quality of their gatherings seemed to depend on the company’s current size and financial situation.

Of course, Pei Qian also needed a legitimate reason to gather his employees for meals.

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To Pei Qian, it was easy to find a legitimate reason now. They could celebrate the publishing of a game, commend a certain department’s performance, set up a new department, welcome new employees, and so on.

Thus, based on the quota of once every two months, Pei Qian reserved Ming Yun Private Kitchen for future gatherings.

He set the gathering date to be the 20th of every even-numbered month. It would be closer to the end of the month, which would give Pei Qian an additional opportunity to spend more money. Apart from this, Pei Qian booked the biggest private room in Ming Yun Private Kitchen for the first and third Sunday of every month. This would be in case he needed to entertain for business.

These reservations would be placed in the highest priority. What’s more, before Pei Qian decided to change them, they would be effective.

This was to avoid any double-booking. If ballers really tried to make reservations and managed to reserve Ming Yun Private Kitchen for two to three weeks in a row while Pei Qian -as the boss—failed to make even a single reservation, that would be awkward.

Although Pei Qian doubted that Ming Yun Private Kitchen would ever be that popular, one could not be too careful. He had to be prepared for these things.

On top of that, if he suddenly needed to entertain for work, he could make reservations whenever he wanted to. However, that was provided there was space in the restaurant. What’s more, the ingredients would have to be prepared two or three days in advance.

Lin Canrong walked to Pei Qian’s side. “What do you think, Boss Pei? Are you satisfied with the food today?”

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Pei Qian nodded. “Very good, I’m very satisfied!”

Actually, he could not confirm whether the food they ate today was worth that much or not. After all, he had never eaten these things in other restaurants. It would be hard to make comparisons.